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How do you manage efficient operations and productivity in your distribution center?

All operations in our distribution center are managed by a warehouse management system (WMS), which, in addition to efficiency and productivity, minimises the risk of human error. The WMS also acts as an aggregator of data from our clients’ sales channels (online stores, marketplaces, ERP systems, etc.) and the client MySkladon application.

Is it possible to send Cash on Delivery (COD) orders with you?

Yes, this is a frequently requested service by our clients. It all depends on the capabilities of the carrier used, and we normally set up and manage COD accounts in different currencies for our clients.

How many employees from our company are you able to set up access to MySkladon for?

For unlimited ones.

How are fulfillment services billed?

Our services are billed on a monthly basis. Each of our clients pays a flexible amount for a specific month, where they are charged for the services they have actually used – warehouse space and logistics operations. We set individual quotations with our clients at the beginning of our cooperation, according to their specific needs.

Do you also provide your clients with superior technological requirements before shipping?

Yes, it all depends on the potential and size of the particular client. For example, we provide our clients with premium services in the form of engraving, embossing or storage of selected products in fridges.

From what volume of orders per month is fulfillment worthwhile?

Each fulfillment company is set up differently in this respect. At Skladon, we primarily focus on clients who ship at least 1,000 B2C orders or 200 B2B orders per month. Only in this way are we able to provide each of our clients with a superior service from our customer care and IT departments.

For which product segment is it suitable to use fulfillment services?

At Skladon, we focus and are equipped for smaller, fast-moving products. As a standard, these are products from the fashion, footwear, small electronics, cosmetics, food supplements, sport equipment, books, board games and other segments. For a complete list of suitable segments for storage and handling in our distribution center, please see the References subpage.

Can I track the current status of orders and stock?

Yes, in the MySkladon client application. In this app, you have a detailed overview and history at the level of individual orders and products, in real time and 24/7.

Why is it useful to mark products with an EAN code?

To ensure minimal errors in order processing. Each product that is marked with its EAN code will pass at least 5 system checks during warehouse operations. Only in this way can we guarantee maximum accuracy in the order processing, which we consistently maintain at a minimum level of 99.95%.

Do you track lots of stored products?

Yes, for the relevant products, lots are systematically tracked at the receipt area. The product keeps this information with itself throughout its presence in the warehouse, and in the event of a defective lot, we are able to immediately withdraw products marked in this way from the sales stock.

How do you work with product expirations?

For cosmetic products, food supplements and other goods, we follow the FEFO method when picking, in other words, we always take products with the shortest expiration date off the shelves to eliminate the increased costs associated with the disposal of expired goods.

How do you react to the increase in orders and sales peaks of your clients?

We flexibly increase our team of full-time employees with agency workers, where we primarily choose from already trained ones. If necessary, we implement multi-shift operation, weekend shifts or paid overtime. Individual workstations and warehouse processes are set up for multiple increases.

How quickly will you process an order created by a customer on my online store?

Thanks to the API connection with your online store, we have instant access to your orders. Orders transferred before 12:00 p.m. are shipped the same day.

What is the procedure when my parcel is lost / damaged?

In this case, we will initiate a complaint procedure against the competent party, in which you will be fully represented by your long-term assigned account manager.

What carriers do you work with to deliver your shipments?

We contractually cooperate with a number of carrier partners such as Czech Post, Packeta, GLS, PPL, DPD, UPS, DHL and others. B2B orders and other bulky shipments are delivered in cooperation with carriers providing oversized transport. With each client, according to the nature of their business, we select specific products of carriers at the start of cooperation to ensure the required quality at a reasonable price.

How much does it cost to create and manage a MySkladon account?

We do not charge anything for the set-up and client use of MySkladon.

Do you offer product kitting?

Yes, this is a standard part of our service. The products are completed exactly according to your wishes, which we specify at the beginning of our cooperation. We provide our clients with kitting on a regular or batch basis, or according to “min – max” values, where kitting starts when the stock is reduced to a defined quantity level.

How do I notify you when stock is delivered to your distribution center?

Through the MySkladon client application. You can enter the number of individual products to be stored in the specific recipient notification. Once this information has been entered, our staff are systematically informed and ready for the delivery.

What is fulfillment?

Fulfillment is a set of logistics activities that begins at the moment of order creation and ends with the delivery of goods to the end customer. Classically, this includes receiving goods, warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, handling returns and claims, or other necessary activities.

How long does it take to start collaboration?

It depends on the size of the client and the current IT solution. For classic online store platforms we start the cooperation in a number of days to weeks, for more complex ERP systems the start-up is project-managed in a number of months.

What does the individual approach mean in practice?

Each of our clients has different requirements for receiving goods, picking, storage, packaging, etc. To ensure maximum satisfaction, we therefore follow pre-set rules and guidelines for each client, which also determines the final price.

What are some examples of individual packaging for your clients?

We insert orthopaedic inserts into shoes or tie shoelaces, include free gifts for packages over a defined value, write personalised messages in the language of the destination directly on the box when sending abroad, etc. Again, everything depends on the client’s wishes.

What do you mean by innovative fulfillment?

In addition to ensuring the latest trends in logistics, our clients can rely on our robust warehouse management system (WMS) and client application MySkladon, which offers a complete overview of their own logistics in real time. Both systems are inovated by our own IT team according to specific client requirements.

How are services priced?

Upon receipt of your inquiry, a sales representative will contact you within 48 working hours. He will discuss your specific needs with you and prepare a tailored quotation.

What is the indicative price for storage?

The price for storage is very flexible, depending on the size of the storage space used by the client in a particular month. We offer storage in both shelving (from 0.07 EUR / day; depending on the size of the shelf) and pallet racks (from 0.3 EUR / day).

Do you pack fragile products?

Yes. We have agreed and specified in detail the use of filler and transport packaging with each client who offers fragile material in their product portfolio.

Can I use my own packaging material?

Of course, because we know that packaging is one of the effective tools in communication with end customers. We define all the details of the packaging process right at the beginning of the cooperation. There is also the possibility to request your packaging from our suppliers at discounted prices.

How high is the shipping cost?

It all depends on the destination of the order. Thanks to the accumulation of shipments, we achieve lower prices with our 15+ contracted carriers, which benefits our clients. For some of them, the difference is up to 15 – 20% of the original amount.

How much do extra or unplanned activities cost?

We know from our operating experience that unexpected “extra work” may occur that is not specified in the price list. In order to ensure an individual approach, we work with an hourly rate per man-hour for both logistics and customer care or IT staff.

What does minimum monthly billing mean?

For clients who ship less than 1,000 orders per month, we have set a minimum fixed price for our services. For more information, please contact us at

What is the best way to ask for a quote?

We recommend filling in the non-binding inquiry form on the top right of our website, or contacting us directly at To speed up the pricing process, please fill in (in addition to your preferred contact details) your online store domain, monthly order volume and any special requirements.

What positions are you looking for?

Due to our growth, we are constantly onboarding new staff to our teams. Most often we are looking for responsible and reliable reinforcements in logistics, IT, customer care or sales. For more information and current offers, please visit or contact us at

Why should I be interested in working at Skladon?

We are a modern and fast-growing Czech company that offers significant opportunities for career growth. We pride ourselves on open communication and actively building a company culture. In addition to standard benefits, we also offer our employees discounts on our clients’ goods, organize birthday parties, joint trips, barbecues, company events, etc. For more information, please contact us at

How do I know if my order has been shipped / delivered to the customer?

All order information is available in the MySkladon client application. Here, our clients have a detailed overview at the level of each order, in real time, 24/7 and on any device with an internet connection.

Where are you based?

Our distribution center is located in an industrial area in the village of Mosnov near Ostrava airport. Thanks to its strategic location and the surrounding possibilities, we are able to deliver our clients’ orders to 4 countries within the next day of their creation, by economic ground transport. We also have offices in Ostrava or Prague.

Do you ship outside the European Union?

Yes, in cooperation with our contracted carriers we deliver to more than 180 countries worldwide. For so-called third countries, your assigned account manager also handles the complete customs procedure.

How long does it take to connect to the Skladon system?

The duration depends on the type of platform of your online store and the intensity of work in connecting the systems according to our instructions. The optimal time frame is between 1 – 3 weeks. We have plugins and add-ons available for the most common solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and others where the connection takes within lower units of days.

How can I contact the IT department to resolve my request?

A personal account manager is fully at your disposal to resolve your IT requirement and can be contacted via the ticketing portal, phone or email.

Do you handle returns for your clients?

Yes, returns are a standard part of our service, as are claims. With each client, we have defined in advance how the returned goods are to be handled – reshipped to the customer, repackaged and stored in our warehouse, photographed and sent to the client’s location or disposed of.

How do I know if my stock is running out?

In MySkladon app. This client application also works as a reporting tool, where you have, in addition to an overview of the number of pieces of individual products, also advanced notification options that notify you, for example, when the number of a particular product has been reduced to a set quantity level.

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