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Cooperation with EXPANDO: Expert in online store expansion via marketplaces

Tomáš Kohút
Tomáš Kohút
Cooperation with EXPANDO: Expert in online store expansion via marketplaces

At Skladon, we are constantly trying to offer our clients new ways to expand their business abroad. Another result is the establishment of cooperation with EXPANDO, which facilitates sales on domestic and foreign marketplaces. Behind everything is developed EXPANDO APP, which can also be newly and fully used by our existing clients.

For the most accurate introduction of EXPANDO APP and defining the advantages of its connection to the Skladon system, we asked Adam Kurzok, the founder of EXPANDO.

What does EXPANDO APP offer in a nutshell?

Easy data connection from online stores to marketplaces and vice versa, using smart integrations to accounting, logistics or e-commerce platforms.

How do EXPANDO APP and the Skladon system work in practice?

With the completed connection, it works in a simplified way that EXPANDO APP automatically sends the order to the Skladon system, which then processes it. As soon as it is processed, we retroactively update the tracking number and stock on the specific marketplace. Thanks to the developed connection, Skladon clients can thus quickly and effortlessly offer accurate data to an ever-growing list of marketplaces such as Amazon, Allegro, Alza, eMag or Kaufland.

Who is EXPANDO APP for?

EXPANDO APP is suitable for online stores that want to expand abroad and take their sales to the next level. Online stores that sell already established products with EAN codes have a great advantage in their expansion. Thanks to us, they can expand their reach to other marketplaces – they can also sell newly stocked products very quickly. Another advantage of EXPANDO APP is that our users manage everything from one place.

We are now helping more than 500 clients in this way – from small ones with a few products to larger ones with a turnover exceeding CZK 1 billion a year.

How many countries do your clients sell their products to? Which marketplaces do you specialize in?

Every day we download thousands of orders from five marketplaces to EXPANDO APP and our clients ship them to more than 70 countries around the world.

The main marketplace we offer is Amazon. We are one of the few agencies with SPN Amazon certification, which means they recommend us on their site as official partner. Our other marketplaces include Alza, MALL, eMag and We are also currently working on connecting new ones, such as Allegro in Poland.

What makes EXPANDO APP unique compared to the competition? Why should customers choose your solution?

We are the only company in Central Europe that can provide a comprehensive online sales service to our clients.

EXPANDO also works as an agency, which means that we not only connect the online store, but also provide other services such as customer support, consulting, etc. The proof of the success of our EXPANDO APP is the fact that we work with most of our clients on a success fee basis.

Another advantage of EXPANDO APP is AutopricerTM. It is a software that can dynamically change the prices of sold products according to the current behavior of competitors, it can decrease and increase the price. In this way, we are able to “save” or “make” money for our clients.

How can I connect to EXPANDO APP? Is it easy to use?

Everything is very simple and fast. At the beginning, the user registers in our EXPANDO APP. Then they connect the product feed with data (.xml) and can start selling.

If he has already created accounts, he can either connect new marketplaces on his own or with our assistance, if not, we will be happy to help you set them up. In case the retailer decides to go the own brand route, without EAN codes for the products, we offer an extensive knowledge base.

Finally, thanks to a common integration with Skladon, shipping and tracking numbers are generated automatically.

What are the main features EXPANDO APP offers when it goes on sale?

Our EXPANDO APP can list by matching EAN codes, synchronize stock and prices (automatically every hour), create order and competition reports. Furthermore, it provides 24/7 reporting and last but not least, it also generates various statistics (detailed information about sales, specific countries, best-selling products, their prices, etc.).

In addition to EXPANDO APP itself, we also offer active work on the account with the help of our experts, which we recommend especially for larger companies that can invest hundreds of thousands of CZK.

Is it possible to try EXPANDO APP for free? Under what conditions and how to sign up?

Yes, you can try EXPANDO APP for free for 30 days. During this trial period, our support is available to help with any issues on the client’s expansion journey.

Can our existing clients also use EXPANDO APP? Is it possible to connect their online store?

Yes, that is possible. It all depends on individual consultation with clients.

How much costs EXPANDO APP per month?

Our prices are flexible and depend on how quickly and where our clients decide to expand, but a single marketplace connection starts at CZK 990 per month.

You can find out more about our prices here.

Who can I contact if I am interested?

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact our marketplaces expert David Cikánek at

You can also visit our website where you can find offers for consultations on e-commerce expansion or marketplaces.